Responsibilities of the Grants & Special Project Department

Responsibilities of the Grants & Special Projects Department


“The Grants & Special Projects Department shall serve as the repository of all grants under the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners.  The Grants  & Special Projects Department and shall provide assistance to other departments as they seek, apply, implement, and administer the grants appropriately and responsibly to avoid discredit and/or disqualification.”


  • Research and identify appropriate funding sources
    • Federal Agencies
    • State Agencies
    • Private Foundations
  • Collaborate with County Departments establishing needs assessment
    • Annual updates to the Capital Improvements Element - Hendry County Comprehensive Plan
  • Collaborate with local and regional agencies to best leverage grant opportunities
    • Florida Department of Health- Hendry
    • Florida Department of Transportation
      • Economic Development Transportation Fund
    • Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council
      • Southwest Florida Promise Zone Initiatives
    • Central Florida Regional Planning Council
    • FHREDI (Florida's Heartland Rural Economic Development Initiative)
  • Submit grant applications on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners
  • Serve as a repository of all grants submitted on behalf of the BOCC
  • Manage and monitor grant awards, programmatic progress, fiscal documentation and closeouts
  • File reports as required by each agency on a timely basis to avoid discredit
  • Secure and store files as required by the retention requirements of each grant
  • Track and measure department performance through the Grants Matrix System