Caught In the Act

graphic handcuffsCaught in the Act Program Guidelines

 The Hendry County BOCC encourages supervisors and managers to take the time to recognize and thank employees "on-the-spot" for exceptional performance. The goal of the Caught in the Act program is for certificates to be presented on an informal, frequent and spontaneous basis.

 Suggested recognition categories include: 

  • Customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Positive attitude
  • Creativity
  • Extra effort and/or superior performance on a specific project on a routine assignment
  • Service to the community whether or not it is directly related to the employee’s job with the county.


Certificates may be issued by any supervisor or manager to employees in any BOCC department at any time. Caught in the Act certificates are available for downloading from the Human Resources Department website.

Using a Caught in the Act Certificate 

  1. Catch an employee doing a good job (see list of suggestions above)
  2. Obtain and complete the information on the certificate.  (Click here for the certificate)
  3. Give the original completed Caught in the Act certificate to the employee one-on-one; in a staff meeting; or through an employee’s supervisor.
  4. The issuer should send a copy of the certificate to Human Resources via interoffice mail.  The employee being recognized will be eligible for the monthly drawing for gift certificates.


Rewards/Monthly Drawing 

Each Caught in the Act certificate issued will entitle the employee to participate in a monthly drawing for $20 gift certificates. (Please note: certificates are taxable under IRS guidelines. Employees may decline the card if they so choose.) 

Each Caught in the Act certificate is eligible for the drawing for the month it is awarded and must be received in Human Resources by the 10th day of the following month. For example, Caught in the Act certificates awarded Jan. 1-31 must be submitted to Human Resources by Feb. 10. 

Human Resources will hold the drawings at a time determined convenient by the program manager. A gift certificate will be awarded for each Caught in the Act certificate drawn. 

Up to five gift cards will be issued every month.  The County Administrator reserves the right to modify or terminate this program with or without advance notice.